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    • I want to use this PID Autotuner for my work project. But before that I want to ask you what PID implementation are you using or what would you recommend?
    • I’m writing code for PLC and don’t wanna use the build in PID because I need some extra functionality such as max step, max proportional step etc.
    • So far I am using this implementation found here (github link). But of course the whole code is rewritten into IEC 61131-3 programming language for PLCs.

    But now I am kind of confused, because when I was looking at the this PID tuner I noticed that you also provide (after tuning is done) attributes such as Integral and Derivative time.

    Can I ask you what are those for?
    What do they change?
    Or how to implement them into the PID model I provided the link for – or even better if you could provide PID model that you personally use or would recommend?

    Best regards,
    Jacob Szlaur

    And I just want to say at the end that this is so amazing and thank you for this website!
    So excited to working with this! 🙂


    Hi Jacob,

    If you really want to understand how a PID is implemented, I highly recommend you to read the following blog series:

    Improving the Beginner’s PID – Introduction

    They are short and well explained, also is the implementation used in the pidtuner tool.

    Regarding the PID parameters, some PID implementations use PID gains directly (so called parallel or ideal form), other use times (so called standard form). That is why the tool provides both, then the user must use the ones that their PID requires. Read:


    Hope this is helpful.


    Ah this makes much more sense now …

    Thank you for your guidance. I’ll get right away on implementing new methods from the PID vlog you provided. Looks great!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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