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    Here is my project



    My controller takes the Integral in repeats per secs, do i just take the inverse of the Integral time? Or do i enter the integral gain? whats the units on the integral gain?

    Another question, when inputting the data, what is the units for the time column, secs, minutes? does it matter?



    Time is always in seconds. If your PID implementation is non-standard, you are responsible of converting the PID gains to the non-standard time frame used by your PID.

    Same goes with the gains. The PID Tuner shows both Integral Gain and Integral Time because in industry either one or the other are standard. So if your PID accepts some custom transformed Integral term, you are responsible for converting it to your special PID form.

    I have been working on a presentation that I will officially release soon, hopefully with a video. Maybe this will help you clarify some practical concepts:





    Thanks for this tool. It is really easy.

    Concerning the last step “Tune Pid” when we can apply different PID gains and see result on the curve, I would like some informations to better understant theses 5 values.

    Where theys come from these 5 values ? and what are they exactely : Kp, Ti, Td, I, D ?

    Can you explain me why you don’t have only the 3 values, like any usual PID : P, I, D values.

    Can you give me the formula showing these gains parameters.



    Regarding the gains, I show all 5 because some PID implementations use gains, other implementations use times. Just plug in the values that your PID implementation requires. Wikipedia is always your friend.

    Maybe this helps:



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