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    for the usage case of the model generated I have a couple of questions

    the video demo for the ardruino is using the system generated by the pidtuner, and then using a built in ardruino controller tuner to tune their controller.


    two questions came to mind from this


    can the data be modified to model a controller and or tune a controller

    maybe provide an example of excel formula derived from the system process model to enter back the data that will show the controller

    -or some way to repurpose the data to use the program to model the controller rather than the system


    any thoughts on controller model pairing for the system model

    would the PID controller model assumed be a 1st order when the system model is a first order and second order when the system model is second order, or can a 2nd order sytem use a 1st order with lag controller more practically


    Thanks for you interest, regarding your questions:

    Yes it could, the PID being a linear system, could also be “indentified”. Actually you can exchange the input for the output column and viceversa, and a model will come up trying to match the controller dynamics.

    But only some common process models are supported by the tool. There is no “PID model” built into the software, so you won’t be able to “recover PID gains” from data with the software as-is. It could be done, but there no common use case for that, so it is not worth development time for me.

    The most common case is what is presented, model the process, then use the model to obtain good PID gains as a good starting point for tuning the control loop.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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